What Does Ethics Mean?

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What does Ethics mean? While there are many different meanings for ethics, one main meaning is, realistic assessments about the world that inform upon the grounding of normativity. Ethics focuses on the “right” and the “wrong.” Altruism theory is defined as a person acting from the motivation of principle or duty rather than from the motivation of any personal advantage (Page 45) and Deontology is a moral theory that emphasizes one’s duty to do a particular action just because the action, itself, is inherently right and not through any other sorts of calculations such as consequences of the action (Page 171). People who tend to learn towards Altruism theory feel that people are mostly good. They focus on putting others needs and wants before their own. After reading this chapter I found that I fit into this theory. I am constantly making sure others needs are taken care of before my own. While it definitely is not bad to see the good in others, there are some negative problems with that. One that stands out is those “good” people could start taking advantage of those that see the good and help. I personally have dealt with situations like this many times in the past and still continue to experience it. Deontology goes off of what the person feels what the right choice is morally. I again also fit into this theory. I am always trying to do what is morally right. While others might not agree with this theory, I feel this is a good theory to go by. Just because I
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