“What Does Family Mean To You?” Chances Are Everyone Has

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“What does family mean to you?” Chances are everyone has been asked this question at some point in their lives, and to no surprise everyone has a different definition of what family means. For families in the working class, such as my own, it became evident that the dependence on family was required for not only advancement in class but also for survival. In this work, a strong correlation between family and the ability to survive can be observed. Based on concepts and work done by Jessaca Leinaweaver and Carol Delaney, a better understanding of this significant connection will be observed. It can also be seen that as generations progressed, this significance on family and survival became less prevalent. To begin this analysis, we first…show more content…
From this shift came the concept of dating, as well as a decrease on the essentials of marriage. Delaney describes dating as a focal point in romantic relationships (Delaney, 179) In her findings, Delaney writes that it is assumed that a relationship will form as a result of dating, but also gives those the opportunity to meet more people without going straight into marriage. While some couples continued to follow the traditional view of relationships, others branched out and began to date more people before settling down to marriage. This trend was clearly observed as my grandparent’s generation came into question. In the case of my mother’s parents it was a very traditional relationship. They had met at a bar, and ended up getting married. However, about this time the Vietnam War was taking place. As a result, my grandfather went off to war. After several months of separation, the two reunited, settled down in the town of Three Springs, my later hometown, and started their family having four kids. It is possible that separation during the war may have played a role in this traditional relationship. By being away at war, a dependence on one another for survival was formed, similar to that of the previous generation. On the other hand, my grandparents on my father’s side had a more modernized experience. Before meeting, both my grandmother and grandfather had dated other people, and had both had children to other individuals. Nonetheless, these relationships

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