What Does Globally Responsible Leadership Mean to Me

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Gone are the days when the primary focus of all business organizations was profit maximization and to be the no 1.Today the principles of triple bottom line i.e people-planet-profit (having replaced the double bottom line) , sustainability, corporate citizenship and corporate social responsibilty have occupied the center stage of all business processes.Apart from the interests of shareholders,it is imperative to take into account the stakeholders too that include workers, clients, suppliers, environment, the community and the future generations.The performance of an any organization is not just gauged by its performance on the bourses but parameters like: 1) Are the activities
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But you just have to go ok, this is a project. We want to reduce the losses from our factory – and benefit the extended community by donating the leftover production.”
(CSR manager)

To achieve this task of carrying the global responsibilty leadership initiatives across the border requires leaders to study and understand the diverse cultures and systems to approach the stakeholders and this highlightes the role of played by integrity in the success of this practise.To achieve this the leaders develop relatonships with the stakeholders which is achieved by power sharing, dialogues and inquiry bridging the differences and boundaries.

5) Performance and accountability

Global responsibilty norms can be set up at individual ,group and organizational levels. a) The firms employ initiatives like employee performance plans,feedback sessions,certifications,rewards etc which not only ensures that the employees practise these policies but also helps to achieve continuous improvement. b) At organizational level, audits and regular reporting helps to ensure accountability.

6) Ethical role models

As one CEO revealed during an interview:

“We really tried to get our principles right before we tried to communicate them and already put them

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