What Does Good / Bad Communication Look Like A Network?

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What Does Good / Bad Communication Look Like In A Network? There are, or have been, a number of scholars who have deployed SNA for researches in the communication domain. Their works may be summarized in Table 3. And, as will be reviewed briefly below, several existing studies have demonstrated that SNA metrics and sociogram characteristics could serve as leading indicators of the quality of communication. Loosemore (1998) conducted a case study of a construction crisis to challenge the view that quantitative methods cannot be used to understand the social nature of construction research. This research found that the quality of communication could be indicated by the advantages and damaging effects of factions. During phase 1 of the crisis management process, there was one faction which consists of the architect, engineer, contractor – quantity surveyor and contractor – site manager. It indicates that there was good communication across the consultant/ contractor division. In comparison, during phase 3 of the reaction process, the communication was not positive. The dangers of factions could give some indication of the negative communication. Specifically, the site manager and engineer still formed the strongest faction, revealing a lack of focus among other actors. Additionally, a relatively equal distribution of a relatively high level of closeness could be indicative of effective communication with minimal distortion. Recent research includes Chinowsky et al. (2008)’s
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