What Does Grandpa Mean To Me Essay

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My Grandpa, who we always called Papa, emigrated from Italy in 1958. Everything about Papa, I loved. He was a reserved man; it was undoubtedly my favorite thing about him. Because he kept to himself, it was a subliminal message that there was nothing wrong with me for being quiet too. Really, I rarely considered us quiet, rather, choosy speakers. That unspoken, no pun intended, understanding was everything to me. No other person my life had made me understand that it was perfectly valid to listen more than I talked. It shaped me tremendously; I’m convinced. To me, it was an intellectual silence because when he did talk, he promoted the importance of family, dreaming and relentlessly pursuing those dreams, as well as education and self-growth…show more content…
Studying abroad would force me to interact with others and put myself out there to make the most of a trip that I would otherwise never experience. I want nothing more than to leave the purview of my comfort-zone. I know there is a potential within me, but I also know that it’s my responsibility to myself, and Papa as well, to force it out. Being furtive will take me no further than I’ve already come. In that sense, I will benefit monumentally. My enjoyment as well as academic success abroad will depend on socializing with varieties of people Shawnee State University could never provide. Among those people, most importantly, are those different from myself. As an e-board member of two different clubs, I believe communicating with different types of people would be an invaluable experience. Immersing myself into settings that challenge me to become more than I am would lead to the growth of my socializing skills and the confidence I posses pertaining to them, which is perhaps of greatest importance professionally speaking. And then, personally, I would learn about the heritage of a man that I loved so deeply. I would make him proud, and that surpasses any goal I could ever set. Going to Italy would be an adventure, and I plan to embrace
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