What Does Heroism Mean

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Heroism means taking action when you are needed, showing dedication to your quest, and not giving up when all odds are against you. Some people think that heroes are always brave and strong, but they are not. A hero stands for what is right, in times of need and despair. Even through trials, a hero tries to stay on the path. Even when evil tempts them, they look to the light and strive to stay virtuous. A hero is willing to risk their life to save others, sacrifice for other’s needs, and not cave into evil but stand for good. Heroes are willing to take risks for the greater good. Sometimes these risks come with high price tags. An Afghan soldier, named Tristan Eugene Seger, once said, “I keep telling the doctors that I didn’t want my life to be different than it was before. Of course, the loss of a leg changed me. But it doesn’t define me or the rest of my life”…show more content…
There are so few brave people who are honorable enough to not only help others with their trials, but also go through with their own, with a sincere amount of humility. Abraham Lincoln once said, “But the cause we so ardently loved, so ably, patiently, faithfully represented and defended not for himself only, not for us only, but for all the people in their coming generations” (SB pg. 68). Not all heroes were loved by all, some were persecuted. But even in the depths of despair, they crawled out of their trials, into glory. Fredrick Douglas was a persecuted hero, yet through his trials he said, “This negro beaten to his knees, exiled, visioning a world where none is lonely, none hunted, alien” (SB pg. 70). Douglas was an enslaved African American, but instead of feeling hatred towards the ones who beat him down, he used his past experiences to help others going through the same trials. Even though people try to entice heroes into wickedness, true heroes stay on the path of
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