What Does Hugo Say About The Coming Of Cosette's Life

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1. Describe the incident at Waterloo.
June 18, on the night of the Battle of Waterloo, corpses were lying all around when the English beat the French. One French officer, Pontmercy, was thought to be dead when Officer Thenardier pickpocketed him. Pontmercy turned out to be alive, and Thenardier told him that the English had won when Pontmercy asked. Thenardier then told him to save himself now, now that he had already “saved” him.

2. What is ironic about the incident?
Pontmercy thought that Thenardier was there to save him and even offered his watch and purse when Thenardier wasn’t even trying to help him, but instead was the one who pickpocketed Pontmercy.

3. Why is the article in Journal de Paris important to mention?
The article in
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Explain Valjean’s two white visions.
Valjean’s two white visions were of virtue and love. One of Valjean’s two visions was virtue, when the Bishop gave Valjean the two candle sticks, he swore to do good after that. The other was of love, and it was brought about by Cosette when he adopted her and felt her love.

13. What does Hugo say about the coming of Valjean into Cosette’s life? (Use your own words, not Hugo’s.)
Hugo says that the coming of Valjean into Cosette's life was like the coming of God, or an important person in life.

14. a. Why had Valjean learned to read? The evil purpose of taking revenge of the society that denounced him. b. How was he using this skill now?
He teaches Cosette how to read with the intention of goodness.

15. What does Hugo say about the coming of Cosette into Valjean’s life? (Use your own words, not Hugo’s.) Ooops, my boo boo. Don’t bother to answer it.

16. What bothered Jean Valjean one day as he gave alms to the beggar?
What bother Valjean was that the beggar had a strikingly similar face with that of Javert.

17. Describe how Valjean escaped Javert.
Valjean navigated through the mazes of the small streets and climbed over a wall when he met a dead end. He pulled Cosette over with a
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