What Does Human Nature Follow?

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What quality does human nature follow? Since earlier times this broad and very controversial question has sparked many different discussions and debates in the world. Some people believe man inherently has a good nature and goes against this to perform evil acts. Others say a human automatically begins with a bad nature, but overcomes this to do wonderful deeds. Furthermore, different beliefs and religions have different views on this subject. Asian religions claim that a yin yang trait composes this nature, and Christians say man’s nature follows sin but one can overcome with God’s help. Different answers for this question have appeared, but no matter the differences in the beliefs, they all agree that no matter the traits of human nature,…show more content…
Yin yang belief states that in good, one always find a bit of evil, and in evil, a speck of good. This idea presents itself in many places in daily life. One example of this develops in the statement, “a little white lie”. People easily forgive others who tell a little white lie, because this act does not harm anyone. Since humans believes that his or her nature has some evil in it, then people believe in the need to recognize and accept this. Additionally, another example appears in movies and books. Many times at the climax of a story, the protagonist will wearily put his or her trust in the antagonist believing that the corrupt villain must have some good inside of his or her heart. Interestingly, this concept does not solely appear in fictitious realms, but also occurs in real life, as man’s understanding of nature leads him or her it to believe that in evil a bit of good always…show more content…
Christians believe that the root of human nature lies in the disposition to sin. By definition, sin means a wrong act against a divine or supernatural being. According to the Bible, after the fall, man’s nature flipped from good to evil. Humans can do good and should do so, but Christians believe that sin causes all the evil and without repentance, people cannot overcome their sinful nature. This differs from the secular view of everyone having immoral natures, because although the Christians agree with this initial statement, they believe that when someone converts to Christianity, he or she, with help from God, can overcome this

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