What Does Impecunious Mean

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Impecunious- having very little or no money usually habitually.
After graduating from college, the impecunious student decided to go out and celebrate.
Sedition- incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority.
The spies were convicted of sedition and shot.
Defile- to make unclean or impure, to corrupt the purity or perfection.
When Voldemort turned the lost diadem into a Horcrux he defiled it.
Gratuitous- not necessary or appropriate.
I do not usually accept people's gratuitous offers.
Onus- the responsibility for something.
When Sally accepted the responsibility for completing her assignment the onus was on her.
Impious- feeling or showing a lack of respect for God.
Cursing in the name of God, “Jesus Christ!” is considered
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