What Does Inclusive Education Means? Essay

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“What does inclusive education mean for me as a teacher in 2014 and beyond? “
In first being able to define inclusive education, it is necessary to understand the diversity of the student population. Disability comes in my varying forms and can be physical, sensory, intellectual, mental health and emotional, developmental, and non-visible (e.g. asthma). If disability was the only agent to consider in the diversity scenario things would be easier for teachers but there are a number of other classifications of students to consider: Gifted or talented; English as a second language (ESL); Indigenous students; and many other classifications which fall under the societal/family/personal heading (Ashman & Elkin, 2012).
My definition of
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In addition, the Disability Standards of Education 2005 makes more explicit the obligations of education and training service providers under the Cwlth Disability Discrimination Act.
All states and territories have their own anti-discrimination legislation, (e.g. Tasmania: Anti-Discrimination Act 1998), and in addition each jurisdiction has its own legislation in the areas of education, child protection, disability services, and privacy (Ashman & Elkin, 2012). As teaching professional, we are obligated to comply with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers - Australian Institute for School Teaching and Leadership Ltd (AITSL, 2014). According to Forlin & Forlin (1998, p. 209), ‘Regardless of training, all teachers owe a legal duty of care to all their students. In order to carry out this duty teachers need to understand the special needs of each child so that reasonable care may be taken to ensure the child’s safety’. A lack of suitable training is no excuse at law to avoid this liability.
The Salamanca Statement and Framework for Action on Special Needs Education (1995) was an important influence in the development of our current inclusive educational policies. As a teacher of inclusive education in 2014, we should be aware that the Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians (MCEETYA, 2008) provides the general policy statements for
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