What Does It Affect Job Stratification And Economic Placement?

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Each year, millions of babies are born into families, not yet knowing what their lives will bring. Babies are born as male or female, as well as transgendered, bisexual, gay and lesbian. All are born into different racial and ethnic backgrounds, some of which are White, African, Asian, Hispanic, Chinese and many more. Born into a class or cast systems unknowing of the challenges yet to come and the stratifications they will face. No matter which factors these babies may be born into, each and every one will face some sort of stratification and inequality based on their society, and the way they are raised within it. Sexual orientation is just one factor of inequality in our culture, and I will discuss here how it affects job stratification and economic placement. Social stratification can be viewed in one of three ways, first is structural- functional which is based on a society which is rewarded for their efforts and accomplishments. This theory believes that inequality boost economy, pushing people to work harder. Next we have social conflict which looks at society as being divided based on resources and ownership. This theory looks at unequal rewards as creating inequality and placing a divide in society. Weber looked at this in terms of socioeconomic status ranking people based on their inequalities. Last is symbolic-interaction a micro level view of society which looks at ones interactions in everyday life. This looks at the things we purchase, what we wear and the
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