What Does It All Mean?

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What Does It All Mean?
Thomas Nagel presents various arguments regarding various philosophical questions namely, free will, how do we know anything, and what is the meaning of life? Nagel pointed out that the inside of your mind is the only place where one can be sure of oneself (Nagel 8). He also purports that anything ranging from the universe, human beings, physical structures like buildings and roads; even our own body is based on our experiences, thoughts and sensations (Nagel 11). Whether one feels a tennis ball, or jumps up and down on a bouncing castle; everything else is distant from the inner sensation and experiences, can only reach us through ourselves. Additionally, Thomas points that free will is hard to exercise and that
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I differ with Thomas Nagel on this because everything exists outside our minds; whether we perceive it or not. As a matter of fact, it is the shape and properties of the physical existence of the outside world that shape what goes on in our minds in the process to conjure and label what we sensually perceive. To demonstrate this, when one walks to the bus stop to take a bus, he is not aware of whether he will find a bus at the bus terminus, but in his mind he has a mental depiction of what a bus will look like, and he will probably board one when he perceives the bus to exist in physical form. Indeed, the argument that reality of the bus only exists in traveller’s mind is not protected by criticism, and I presume that the bus exist independently of the perception of the traveller.
The fact that the traveller is waiting for the bus, in my estimation, justifies that the bus exists beyond the mind of the traveller waiting for it, or being in the company of the fellow travellers who are waiting for it so that they can board. It cannot be a coincidence that all the travellers on the bus stop are deluded by the illusion of an existing bus that is only presented in their minds. In essence, it is the relationship between the traveller and the physical bus that defines reality, and if one chooses to attack my dis cussion regarding this argument, they will simply be stating that the traveller can as well assume to have boarded
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