What Does It Mean? A Black Family?

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What does it mean to be a black family? In todays society a typical black family would be described as a single parent home, drug and/or alcohol abuse, or being on welfare (Stereotypes of African Americans). However, not all black families are structured as such. I believe every black family is different. For instance, my mom’s family, the Turners, have different values, beliefs, traditions, and patterns than my dad’s family, the Jeffries.
The Turner and Jeffries have similar yet different values. The Turners value family and having a strong connecting. The Turner’s family consists of four generations therefore making them a multigenerational family (Martin &Martin). Although, some family lives down south and some live up north they still use resources to stay in touch and communicate with each other. Also, in order to keep the strong bond the down south family would visit up north or vice versa. Like the Turners the Jeffries value family as well but to be more specific they value the elders in the family. For instance, the past thanksgivings was held at my great aunts house because she’s getting older everyone thought it would be nice to spend thanksgivings at her house and bond with her. Both my family values have taught me that no matter the age or no matter the distance always find a way to make time for your family.

Both the Turners and Jeffries attend church and believe in a god. On the other hand I believe the Turners are a little
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