What Does It Mean? An Effective Leader Or Manager?

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What does it mean to be an effective leader or manager? According to Whetten and Cameron in Developing Management Skills, “one of the most popular models of leadership – ‘Competing Values Framework’ – shows that skills fall into four categories: 1) Clan skills, focus on collaboration; 2). Adhocracy skills, focus on creation; 3) Market skills, focus on competition; 3) Hierarchy skills, focus on control”(Whetten and Cameron, 2011). In the SSS Software In-Basket Exercise, I had the opportunity to assess my current strengths and weaknesses as they pertain to management skills. The exercise put me in the role of Chris Perillo, Vice-President of Operations for Health and Financial Services, where I was asked to prioritize a series of seventeen emails, voicemails, and memos. When I initially began this assignment, I thought to myself, “How difficult can this be?” Yet in reality, the task proved to be extremely difficult. Individually, each item in the Chris Perillo in-basket holds significant importance, falling somewhere within the Competing Values Framework. Though there is no definitive “right” or “wrong” answer, where I prioritized these items did indeed shed light on my personal management style. “Management skills are the means by which managers translate their own style, strategy, and favorite tools or techniques into practice” (Whetten and Cameron, 2011). When I reflect on my item prioritization rankings in the Chris Perillo exercise, I discovered that I tend to…

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