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“Thinking” has become so casual in our everyday lives that we sometimes take it for granted and never really think about the process of “thinking”. What does it mean to “think”? What qualities do one need to meet to be considered “capable of thinking”? Being a human involves thinking and thinking involves experiences and emotions. In his paper, Turing questions these traits and brings in new theories to support his statement that machines are capable of thinking, using his imitation game as an example. I would have to disagree with these views and further disagree with the idea that the imitation game can be used to prove a machine’s intelligence.
Human beings are Homo sapiens that have all the available and necessary traits one should have, such as the ability to “feel” emotions, the ability to “execute” those emotions, and the ability to “sin”. To be a human means one lives with thoughts based on their previous experiences and emotions. Turing’s definition of a “human being” differs in that if something can be pre-programmed to “think” then generally speaking, they’re “thinking”. Turing tries to avoid defining "thinking" directly by arguing that if something appears to be "intelligent", then how can we say it is not intelligent? I’d have to refute this argument because I feel like Turing’s contradicting himself for the Lady Lovelace’s Objection. However, we’ll get back to this point later.
“Thinking” has a direct connection with emotions. Though not always, “thinking” is

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