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Introduction of the topic

It is an important thing to note that the clear understanding of the topic makes the topic more and more easier to understand it. So, I am also going to start the topic from the basics.

Who are Nagros?

The writer is always using the word “Nagro”, what does it mean by this word “Nagro”?. According to the basic definitions, the Nagros are the people with black skins. It may also be said that those people who have their ancestry or the black appearance are called the Nagros.


The writer wants to point out the problems faced by these people in the real world and the most important to notify is the educational problems and also in the other civilized manners faced by these people in the world.

The writer mentioned a number of causes for the difficulties faced by these people in the world. He divided the book into different chapters and in each chapter he discusses the different aspects of the Nagros people. He used examples to show what was the condition of the people in the early years and what went during the years passed. The writer shows his true love for the black people and want them to be developed as they were in the earlier years.

The writer wrote the conditions of the black people during the different years of the age. He used a lot of examples of the successful black people and also mentioned the successful educational system of the black people in the early years. He started the subject by discussing the slavery period of the

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