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After taking the (URICA) University of Rhode Island Change Assessment I tally the scores for each section. Having four sections as follows:
Pre-contemplation items: 13
Contemplation items: 36
Action items: 34
Maintenance items: 31
Pre-Contemplation- What does that mean? I would explain to Justin that individuals in the pre-contemplation stage of change are not even thinking about changing their drinking or drug behavior. They may not see it as a problem, or they think that others who point out the problem are exaggerating (Grohol, J. M., 2006, February 13).
Contemplation – What does that mean? I would also give him the knowledge of each of the four and what the meaning is. Individuals in this stage of change are willing to consider the possibility that they have a problem, and the possibility offers hope for change. However, people who are contemplating change are often highly ambivalent. They are on the fence. Contemplation is not a commitment, not a decision to change. People at this stage are often quite interested in learning about alcoholism and treatment. They know that drinking is causing problems, and they often have a mental list of all the reasons that drinking is bad for them. But even with all these negatives, they still cannot make a decision to change (Grohol, J. M., 2006, February 13).
Action – What does this mean? Deciding to stop drinking is the hallmark of this stage of change. All the weighing of pros and cons, all the risk-reward…

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