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Interdisciplinary is a concentration in historical studies represent a conscious attempt to discover connection among associate discipline from a historical perspective. Courses that in my Degree plan that were an GenEd requirement are Introduction to college reading and writing, this course helped me organizing materials. Also anther GenEd requirement course was Global Climate Change, Visual Literacy: Introductory, these courses also meet one of factor of my historical degree which is interdisciplinary. These last courses one met my historical studies factor which is framework. Framework allowed me to explore historical studies in that dealt with American history and global history. the courses associate with both histories are U.S. History to 1865: What Does It Mean to Be a Free Nation, Global History to the 15th Century, U.S. History from 1865 to the Present and Introduction to Women 's and Gender Studies.
Problem-oriented is framework that focus on consideration of possible resolution or continuing significance of the chosen problem course in my degree planner that emphasize that is algebra improve skills problem -solving techniques, understand quantitative arguments and methods. Lastly, Professional these course met the educational requirements and also this course was important for developing career-related skills in areas that course is 21st Century Careers: Advanced which predict the effect of my own career. the career choices include however an associate’s
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