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What does it mean to be truly alone? Most people believe being alone holds a negative connotation. However, I have found that being isolated can truly make one stop and breathe and have time to really think about their life and what their purpose is. Above all, to be truly alone one must be physically and virtually disconnected from others for a time. For example, to me being alone is often something I get excited for in advance. I relish my free time to laze around and just be able to do anything I please without feeling the judgment of other people pressuring me to be productive at all times. Considering this, one might think about Anna Quindlen’s essay “Doing Nothing Is Something,” and realize that being unproductive for a few hours could fuel a person’s creativity so that they are able to write or compose or act effectively. Personally, after having time alone to relax I always feel more ready to tackle a daunting task. Being alone means doing what you would do in any situation where others are not criticizing or watching your actions. For instance, I always work better when I am first alone for a few hours, when I can have a few unscheduled minutes of my day to rest my brain and prepare to be around other individuals or prepare to work. Winters 2
Also stated in Quindlen’s essay was the topic of the summertime and how it has changed for the schoolchildren of this era. When I was in elementary school, summer meant sleeping as late as possible and not seeing most…

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