What Does It Mean For A College Athlete?

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Evander Bailey Composition 1 11/2/2015 What does it mean to be a college athlete? Being a college athlete means to be representative of your school. You give your best efforts onto the court and field. You compete against other schools to give your schools good looks. You draw in fans, ticket sales, and millions of viewers on TV across the world. You generate millions of dollars towards your school. Magazines, paparazzi 's, and social media all want to see you play and pay good money to see you play. At this point, in the middle of all the fans that 's watching and money being paid, you are not just a representative of your school. You are your school. Every time people see your school, they see your face. This makes you a…show more content…
College competitors are by and large the first students ready to enlist for classes for the up and coming semester. The rundown of advantages goes on, a scholarly consultant devoted to understudy competitors, free and simple access to mentoring, free clothing, and routine set of expenses for rivalries off of grounds. If you have the right equipment, you can easily meet the standards of a college athlete. To become a college athlete, however, there are more aspects of the college world to think about, and there are certainly more requirements. As a good student-athlete, you must always be conscious of your attitude and behavior; there are many responsibilities that come with representing your school and community, but being a college athletes have many perks that others students don 't. As a genuine understudy competitor, understanding that you are an understudy first and that your first need is to acquire an education is essential to your prosperity. Grow great study propensities, look for assistance from coaches and exploit study lobbies. Great understudy competitors are balanced and comprehend that the education they get will endure forever while physical capacity will in the long run blur away. School mentors are continually searching for competitors who will exceed expectations both in their game and in the classroom. Taking an interest in sports implies here and there missing class
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