What Does It Mean For A New Business Environment?

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Evolution is upon us in the business industry. Like the caterpillar who morphs into a beautiful butterfly, many companies are “Going Teal,” adapting to a new business environment that will help the organization thrive and move forward to the next chapter. What does it mean to go Teal? “Life is a journey, not a destination.” This statement applies to business organizations because it is difficult to have pre-planned goals and set the direction of a business in an ever changing environment in which they operate. Organizations are similar to a living organism, they have their own creative potential and evolutionary purpose. (Laloux, 2015 pg. 2) Becoming a Teal Organization requires three breakthroughs which are self-management, wholeness and evolutionary purpose. Very few organizations are advanced in all three, most are only advanced in one area over others. (Laloux, 2015 pg. 9) There are only two necessary conditions for developing a Teal organization; 1) Top leadership and 2) Ownership. (Laloux, 2015 pg. 9) Leadership is important because of the way they look at the world. Purposefully or by accident, consciously or unconsciously, it is the responsibility of leaders to put in place the best practices, structures, and cultures that make sense to them, that mirror their way of dealing with the world. (Gerndt, 2015, Slide 17) Like top leadership, owners must comprehend and embrace the Teal world views. Every organization will go through hard times, and when this happens they
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