What Does It Mean For Be A Women?

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What Does It Mean to be a Women in 2015? The idea of beauty has been going on for generations. Every type of person has their own idea of what is considered beautiful. In the 1950s, women were considered beautiful if they had soft curls, rosy cheeks and wore outfits that showed off their curves. Since this time period, beauty has changed drastically. The question people may ask nowadays is, what makes a women beautiful in our generation? Beauty now is defined by tall, petite females. The images shown in magazines and on television give women a false sense of reality because all these models look superficial. Women go through many steps to be considered the ideal image of beauty. A great example of this is the Dove Evolution commercial. This video focuses on the use of makeup, lighting and editing software’s that eventually make the women appear much different then she originally would. To begin, the Dove Evolution video starts out with a normal female. They sit her down in front of a mirror and turn all different types of lights on her. The whole video is sped up after this part to show the audience the full affect of all the processes these models go through. Furthermore, they start out by doing the women’s makeup and hair. Then, after her makeup and hair is complete, photographers start to take pictures of this women. Once the pictures is taken, then they select an image and start to use an editing software to completely change the women’s face. Moreover, some of the
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