What Does It Mean For Care Of One's Wellness?

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What exactly does it mean to take care of one’s wellness? It is the active practice of becoming aware and making the choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life. This includes mental, physical, and social wellbeing through personal change and growth. A focus on a healthy life style change can directly impact each of these factors of wellness which in turn can create more happiness and longevity in one’s life. So why exactly should you or your employer care about your health and wellness? First the amount of time spent at work is important to mention as an article released in Business Insider written by Alyson Shontell states that the average employee spends over 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime which equals out to a total of…show more content…
However, over time in the past few years new ideas have emerged on what exactly health and wellness programs should entail. Most companies in the past have focused solely on the health aspect in the sense that they provide the benefit of offering insurance. Now there are new ideas that health programs should be expanded and possibly include the idea of “wellness” programs. Taking care of wellness includes mental and social health which were aspects that were not necessarily involved with health programs in the beginning. The positive impacts in taking care of wellness benefits the employee through empowerment of knowledge and support while improving where the common worker spends most of their time. Employers have a vested interest because of improvement in employee performance and attitude, the financial return, and making their company a well-known place to work. There is an open opportunity for companies to improve their wellness programs through company changes and better health programs. So the real question is how can the improvement of overall health and wellness of the employee impact the business and what kind of program should be implemented to encourage employees to take advantage of it? With a combined focus on improving incentives and creating nontraditional benefits for employees an improvement can be made to health programs to
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