What Does It Mean For Fake It Till You Become It, And Is It Good Advice?

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What does it mean to fake it till you become it, and is it good advice? The saying fake it till you make it is a saying that has been used for years. During the years I worked at Comcast Cable, it was used quite often. The meaning behind it was the same as Amy Cuddy’s. It means persistence is the key. Because persistence can bring you through many different stressful events if you trust in the process. Another saying I think ties into this, is you’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression. That statement has been around since before I was born, but what does it really mean? During my time as a sales and service representative for Comcast, we often had week long trainings that addressed body language. How to present yourself to a customer and how to respond to the customer’s body language. It is actually a very important facet of the sales process to ensure the customer has the best customer service experience with Comcast. Comcast actually employs whole departments of people to travel the country and train sales representative’s weekly on body language and presentation. Because there are multitude of different scenarios that can happen daily in a sales office. There could be people just moving into town, there could be people moving out of town. Maybe a customer may have passed away, and their family member needs to turn the decedent’s cable off. It could be someone who lost their job, and cable is their only form of entertainment, and they need to make
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