What Does It Mean To Be A Girl

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“It’s a girl!” Most parents fantasize about hearing those precious and promising words because soon a little girl will make its way into their life and she will be sweet, innocent, and pure. Nothing will hurt that child, but unfortunately those parents are blinded by the happiness of the moment and do not realize that the little girl will grow up and be worth less than her husband and she will be worth less in society. In Merriam-Webster's Unabridged Dictionary the word girl means a female child from birth to adulthood, but in addition to this simple word there holds an immense amount of meaning. Four letters and that's all it takes for someone to roll their eyes and laugh because that word is linked to weakness, negativity, and obnoxious…show more content…
As a girl you are expected to break, but in reality girls have to pretend nothing will break them or they will again be judged by society. This tends to be the case because if a girl breaks it will just add fire to the sexist prejudices put upon them as a gender. In Serena Nanda’s article Arranging a Marriage in India, she talks about her research in India, when a son’s parents are looking for a wife for their son they have a very long list of expectations. She should be from the same caste system, pretty, not too intelligent, meshes with the family well, doesn’t stray from home, nor does she gossip or call home a lot, and the most important thing is that she is pure before marriage. Though these expectations tend to look somewhat different in the U.S. they have the same ideas. A girl should be boxed in away from society and taking care of the children or perhaps being a good cook to put it into simpler terms because that is what society unfairly tells us a girl should be able to do. Serena also talks about how it is very important for a girl to protect the family name and in no way ever disgrace it. If that girl does disgrace the family (for example not staying pure) it is not uncommon for her brother or even cousin to murder her. Why is a family's expectations based on what a girl does? These unrealistic expectations push girls too far and cause us to think our worth is less because we cannot do it all, even though society thinks that's “the least we could
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