What Does It Mean To Be A Survivalist?

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If person grew up during the Cold War, it, sometimes, did feel like that person's world would end at any moment with a nuclear mushroom. The United States would make the Soviet Union so angry that they would fire all their nuclear missiles at us and the United States would respond with their own nuclear missiles. The ones who really believed that the end was coming were called survivalists. When the mushroom clouds appeared in the skies, they would be ready for it and would be able to ride out the coming apocalypse without a problem. Times have changed and the Soviet Union is gone. The word "survivalist" has gone as well; it has been replaced with prepper. What they believe in and what
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Their belief in the end is strong so they don't argue much about how the world is going to end.
Being a prepper or survivalist does seem to mean that you believe in a different kind of housing. You don't believe in houses should be above ground. The above- ground house would be easy for the hungry hordes to see and they would attack it.
An above-ground house would just be an easy target. The preppers' home during the end of the world should be an underground house without windows. Actually, it is more like a very large basement with separate rooms. There should be enough for a family and their neighbors. This is traditionally called a bunker and it does seem to be the place to go when things go really bad.
Before the end comes, buying in bulk would seem to be the way to go. The end of the world is not going to be just a day or two. It could be years and years. There are stores where you can buy a mayonnaise jar that is taller then you are. You are going to need food and drink for the end and buying in bulk would seem to be the way to go. Buying lots of food is not the only thing that preppers buy a lot of. They always seem to buy lots and lots of weapons. It is assumed that during the end of
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