What Does It Mean To Be A God Essay

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“What it means to be a God”
What comes to mind when society hears the word, God? defines God as “the one Supreme Being, creator, and Ruler of the Universe.” To me, I know God as Yahweh, the Jewish and Christian deity. I believe in Yahweh because he protects me every day, and when I turn to him for help, he is always there for me. There are others who view God as Allah or Buddha. At one time, they even saw Zeus this way, but I’m not here to really focus on the side with which everyone is familiar. also defines God as “something that is regarded or treated as a God”. God can be the ultimate ruler of all things, the statue of Buddha made of stone, or even a smartphone.
Society views God as something they have been exposed to or is recognized as a deity throughout their country or even the world. People will usually understand what everyone else views as God, and then determine how or what they will believe. The Gods that are most recognized by society are the more, so called, ancient Gods, such as
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It is only a plastic object, but look around, who has a smartphone? Think about what people do on their phones, and how much time they waste on them. How do they react the very moment their phone is going dead, or god forbid, it gets lost? They get anxious when it’s just across the room charging, and they can’t use it or carry it around. What do people turn to for answers to everyday life? A smartphone! What comes next? “Ok, Google” or “Hello Siri” and just like praying to a God, people begin to ask questions about: life, directions, health issues, love problems, etc. You name it, and people have asked a smartphone these things. People have so much trust and faith in these devices, that it will give them the answers they seek. Some would just consider this a phone addiction, I say, however, whether they believe in God or not, technically by definition, the smartphone is treated as a
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