What Does It Mean To Be A Good Girl

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Growing up I was often told what it means to be a good girl...
A good girl doesn't wear make-up.
A good girl doesn’t date.
A good girl doesn’t argue with anyone.
A good girl sits home, doesn't talk much, and accepts what her family says.
A good girl does not have an opinion.

In Afghanistan a good girl enters her husband's house in a white dress and leaves in a white shroud. A shroud is something one wears after death. Meaning that a good girl is to tolerate anything. Whether its abuse or just an unhappy marriage because she is a good girl the only time she will leave is in the shroud. She is to be her father's daughter. Make him proud by staying home and helping her mother with chores. A father's daughter will marry young before she gives her family a bad name. According to these social norms, I am not a good girl, my mother is not a good girl, Malala Yousafzai is not a good girl. And if it means I must give
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That was also the day my life changed forever. It was the day i received the most rewarding advice. My mother told me that the only person i should ever try to impress is myself. She told me that i can be whoever i want to be and i shouldn't give anyone permission to tell me otherwise. She told me that if i worry about being liked by everyone i will never be able to accomplish anything. She also told me that as a girl i should always stand up for myself and i should never rely on anyone else to take care of me. It was the same day i decided i’m going to be the one in charge of who i become.

In afghanistan, women and girls face this horrific abuse everyday. But this isn't just the case in afghanistan. There are hundreds and thousands of stories from around the world of similar incidents. Whether its in developing countries or in places like North America and Europe. Women and girl of all races are being oppressed by those who feel that males should be more
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