What Does It Mean To Be A Parent Essay

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Narrative Essay- Parental Sacrifices (rough draft) Being a parent means a lot more than ordering your children around like a drill sergeant at boot camp. Being a parent means that you are willing to sacrifice whatever is necessary to help your children. It means going the extra mile, or ten miles to help your children succeed, most with no tangible benefits to you. While interviewing my mother concerning what she has sacrificed for me, I saw how clearly she exemplified this ideal; that a parent wants what is best for their children purely out of love and care for them. My mother was born in 1969 and her parents divorced while she was very young. For her, living in two different homes was like living on different planets; each parent had…show more content…
Before she married my father, my mother was a teacher in Riverside (California) with bachelor degrees in history and elementary education, with an English waiver and a minor in business. When she married my father, they had an excellent source of income, as it exceeded the cost of their necessities. However, when she chose to have children, gave this up. In her eyes, being a teacher and having children are both full-time jobs and she felt it was unfair that her children would grow up with a mother who was always rushing off to work everyday. She said that she could either “teach a class of 30, or teach my own three children”. She felt that it was only right that she would “always be able to be there, that when [I] came downstairs or got out of school or hurt myself that [she] would be right there for me.” Due to this idea, my mother chose to give up her career as a teacher, to become a stay at home mother and provide for her children outside of the work force. However, this choice came at a price. Looking back on it today she realizes that if she ever wanted to go back to work, it would be incredibly difficult to reestablish herself as a teacher and adjust to the differences in today’s educational standards from those of fifteen years
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