What Does It Mean To Say When The Earth Is Cruel Earth

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In the story about how cruel the earth is it says “sometimes, the earth is cruel, and you have no choice but to accept that as part of the bargain called life. And when it is your turn to deal with it, you do.” This quote is a real eye opener about what is going on in the earth and it makes some people realize what has gone wrong with the earth. This quote is also very particular about how Mr. Pitt explained the cruelty of how the earth actually can be very devastating. This has made me feel like maybe just maybe I can do something to make people smile once again. If the earth is so cruel then how do people deal with the pain of losing everything and everyone, the article talks about how people have lost family, friends, and personal objectives. At the end of this little paragraph there is one question, But what if it’s always your turn?

In this I have realized that not everybody has life easy and some people do not have to worry about if a storm is going to take away their homes. Most people in the article that Mr. Pitt has talked about are scared and they are worried about what they will
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When reading the article above I noticed in the paragraph before the quote I stated about how the earth is cruel and about how people have lost things in this horrific tragedy. It says “we do the same thing. We dig ourselves out. We weep and mourn, we recover and memorialize the dead, we rebuild our homes. And we go on. This is the price of being human. And also, arguably, the noblest expression.” This quote made me think of hurricane Katrina that hit even as far up as northern and western Georgia and this story has reminded most people of the destruction and tragedy they had to go through. It is sad when reading this because it is uncommunicative to lose someone you are very close to without being able to say
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