What Does It Mean to Be Well Educated

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Getting an A Doesn't Mean I am Well Educated Abstract Whether or not a person is well educated is not an easy question to answer. There are several things to consider when answering this question. Some people look to their grades, level of completion, or what school they attended. Others look at their ability to interact with others in society and consider issues such as philosophy, politics or religion. While these are all common criteria for measuring ones education, a person ought not to ever stop learning. The mark of a well educated person is their ability to apply what they know to learn the things they do not know. When I was in high school I was regarded by my family and teachers as a bright student. My mom…show more content…
I would not be considered a well educated person by any standard or criteria. I had not gone to a good school, I had not earned any degree, nor could I carry on a conversation about the latest political event or discuss the works of Chaucer or Shakespeare. At what point in one's life does someone become well educated? Is it after they graduate from grad school or earn their doctorate? Is it when they land a job in a large corporation or get elected to political office? These things are no doubt within the reach of an educated person but they do not justify a person as well educated. When writing about his wife Kohn implies that a person can be brilliant in an area and have a ton of schooling from the best schools but lack the basic skill of multiplication (2003, para. 2). A person never stops learning, and there is not a person on the earth that has attained all that can be attained. If you compare a person who graduated at the top of their class at the Harvard Medical School and a person who graduates at the top of their class from the MIT School of Engineering, who is the more well educated? I guess if you asked them to explain how to take apart the engine of a 1964 Mustang and put it back together again they might both seem dumb to the subject. Does this mean that they are not well educated? Of course not, it just shows that a person's degree or where they went to school does not make them well
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