Essay about What Does It Mean to Be Well Educated?

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To opinionate or to be opinionated as defined by Webster means to have an unduly adhering to one's own opinion or to preconceived notions. In “laymen’s terms“ basically it is to strongly stick to one’s own point of view. If education is so vast than how can someone be “well” at it? ~Kohn reveals that his wife who is a physician is hesitant at times reciting multiplication. This does not mean she is uneducated when indeed she may be responsible for saving someone’s life. Yet because she cannot teach a math class or write the President’s inauguration speech it portrays as if she is not “erudite” Contrarily speaking does the fact that she is a Physician depicts as her being smarter than someone who works performs “blue collar” work? Does…show more content…
He goes on further to mention that he is content with his current living situation, but implies that athletics would have been the smarter and easier route due to it’s larger payout and less time in the classroom. Is being educated determined by a level of certification of earned from an institute of higher learning or how long one stays in school? Further proving education is not determined specifically by your expertise. Let’s conduct an analogy. We have a doctor and a lawyer. Both individuals further their education far beyond high school. If these individuals could swap roles for a day imagine how difficult it would be. A lawyer conducting a brain removal or doctor defending a murderer is impossible to think of. The point I’m trying to establish here no matter how many things you learn and accomplish there is still more knowledge to gain. Is an English major smarter than someone who majors in History? College is often referred to as an “institute of higher learning”. Realize the key word higher; There is no such thing as highest. Therefore is always more knowledge to gain. Also as I mentioned the host of the radio show concluded that athletics would have been easier. To perform at professional level requires a great amount of skill. Skill is merely another word for education coupled with experience. Your typical professor cannot walk on a NBA court and challenge and outshine any player because society deems him as being
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