What Does It Mean to Be a Westjetter

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What does it mean to be a WestJetter?

The airline industry rides a train that is propelled by many different factors, such as the state of the economy, jet fuel prices, people’s view of the industry itself and the image of the individual airline entity. Founded by Clive Beddoe, Don Bell, Mark Hill and Tim Morgan, WestJet has been riding a different train from the get-go since its inauguration in 1996,. Nobody would have thought that a bottom-up management structure in an airline business would work so well. The culture that they have built is now part of their brand and they are proud of it.

As their culture being part of their brand, the low-cost, no hassle airliner should have some contingency plans in place to secure their
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To further excel in this challenging industry, it is important for WestJet to continue to strengthen and retain its people. A good way to motivate its employees is by having a recognition program that rewards the workers who demonstrate passion in their work and contribute by going beyond the normal expectations (somebody who exhibits organizational citizenship behaviour). We propose a system for WestJet to have a point system involving people giving points to other people for outstanding service. Every employee will be able to give a maximum amount of points per year. These points can be used to purchase items off of the company website. At month end meetings, managers can announce stories representing core values of WestJet.

The reason for such an implementation of this point system is to eliminate any unnecessary competition within the departments because everyone is given a set amount of points per year. Essentially, points are not earned for the amount that you do but how you chose to handle your job. Moreover, having the anecdotes read out will inspire others due to the warm fuzzy feeling that it will create. This will create both intrinsic and extrinsic reward for all the employees regardless.

A successful implementation of the recognition system will intrinsically motivate workers as opposed to extrinsically and allow people to set new standards for the company.

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