What Does It Mean to Be a Good Person

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S0457566 Modern America and the Diminishing Individual In his essay “Modern America and the Diminishing Individual”, Peter Cooper talks about how today there is an absence of genuine compassion for one another. Copper opens his essay by stating “The impudence, indifference, self-centeredness, evidenced by some Americans are symptomatic of contemporary national malaise” (70). Which basically means that our attitude for “self” is like a sickness in our society today. He goes on to say “Individual significance in society commonly diminishes in direct proportion to the number of people” (70). He expresses that the reason for this being is that “Human behavior deteriorates when many people are crowded closely together, contending elbow to…show more content…
Today you would be lucky to even know your neighbors names. The term “love thy neighbor as you love yourself” is not really relevant anymore. Why? You see in today’s society we only feel the need to associate ourselves with people that can potentially help us. We are so focused on what we can get out of people that we no longer value each other. We have become so self-indulgent that it has this have become the norm, so much that for us we are unaware of when we are doing it. Recently my Uncle called me and asked me how I was doing, as we further ventured into our conversation, he asked me if I could ask my coach to let him rent the gym. Although he called me, he really did not want to know how I was he wanted me to do a favor for him. He only asked how I was doing because it was the “polite” thing to do. Oddly enough you would think that the one group of people who are supposed to honestly care for you would be your family. Even your family is not exempt from this behavior. They find ways to use you for things rather than to see how you are doing, and getting to know you. Often times we are victims of this, we do things like this unconsciously, and we use people rather than building a relationship with them. We neglect what we are actually doing and we continue to operate with selfish motives and are blind to the fact that we are actually doing it. We have

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