What Does It Means To Be A Successful Student Athlete

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This picture represents more than just one thing that I value. I value school sports. It takes time and dedication to be a successful student athlete. My weeks are filled with three games a week and hours full of practice. The sweat, bruises, and frustration all pay off in the end. No matter if we won or if we lost, throughout my four years as a West Stanly athlete I have grown to appreciate team mates, love, and hard work more than I ever would have without it. From volleyball season, to basketball season, to track season my schedule is always full. I take honors and AP classes which require more focus and time. I think that I have learned what it's like to take responsibility. I’ve learned how to better balance my priorities. Being a student athlete is something I will always value and look back on with a smile.…show more content…
When everything is going wrong they are the one thing that is always right. My family supports me in every decision I make and that is something I don’t seem to appreciate enough. My sister used to be my worst enemy. Growing up she teased and taunted me. We argued all the time, we didn't talk to each other for days, and we wished we didn't have to spend another day in the same house, but as we have gotten older we have grown so close. I wish she wasnt away at college because she has turned out to be my very best friend. I value her, our rough times, and now, I value the relationship that we have formed. I wouldn't trade her for the
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