What Does It Means To Divide A Sense Of Community

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A. A community is a set of human interactions and behaviors based on common expectations, values, beliefs and meaningful daily activity among individuals. Values are the most important because they allow meanings to be applied to the purpose of life. Diversity is the fundamental to reform a region. The idea of community being a complicated concept is the reason why the sense of shared fate is lacking. In order to have a community you must have the same connected destinies in life. Everyone should help each other to do well in order to succeed. For example, if you are racially and geographically divided a sense of community cannot be created. Community will only exist when relationships exist based off the concept of shared fate. The following phase, “Love thy neighbor as thyself,” is the unselfish act of sharing, looking out for each other children…show more content…
Also living in communities that are doing well do not allow people to connect with individuals that are stressed. These following regional dynamics create opportunities for suburbanites’ residents and disadvantages for inner-city residents B. Consistency relationships that connect individuals in the community to social problems or issues. Gecan used the “habit of relating” to organize the organized. The concept was to build new public relationships. According to Gecan, “power can come from the habit of building new public relationships” (21). As a community, individuals must take the time out to “relate” to connect publicly and formally with others. Dozens of relational meetings were conducted to train leaders to understand the importance of public relationships. Mutual and respectful relationships without tension must be created to “rediscover the habit of doing individuals meetings well and then consistently do them” (29). Public relationships are build off the concept of individuals meetings and train other citizens into more effective
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