What Does It Seemed Like An Impossible Task For Characters?

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When I think of human conflict, my mind reflects on the point when a human’s routines, practices, or thoughts are unexpectedly interrupted. The conflict that ensues is a result of the sense of confusion and chaos created by the interruption. I believe that humans remain in conflict because of their desire to claim back any sense of normalcy they lost. The movie An Unfinished Life (Ladd, Ladd, Holleran, & Hallström, 2005) provides a number of examples of the influences that impact emotional development. We witness how an adult’s reaction to a stressful situation can influence a child emotional responses. We witness the brokenness of a family due the devastation of a unresolved conflict. We also witness just how difficult it can be to allow…show more content…
The way a person approaches conflict is influenced by both their cultural and societal surroundings. (Littlejohn, 2007). Lieberman (2013) emphasizes the role self identity has when approaching conflict. Bateson (1987) even offers a scientific examination on the different psychological influences that effect our approach to conflict. The constant theme underlying all of these scholars is that conflict is a complex subject. Each person brings their own set of influences, experiences, and perceptions to the table. Jean and Elnar brought two completely different perspectives to the relationship. Jean was in search of a new identity, while Elnar was in a state of denial. As demonstrated throughout this movie, with the right amount of patience and healing, the journey to conflict resolution can be a slow be slow yet rewarding process. The concept of emotional cutoff is not new within in the realm of conflict resolution (Friesen, 2003; Wei, Vogel, Ku, & Zakalik, 2005). According to Friesen (2003), people withdraw from conflict in order to reduce tension. In Elnar’s situation, his initial emotional response was to completely distance himself from Jean and her daughter. This was his defense mechanism (Wei et. Al, 2005) toward this articular conflict. He had to battle the emotional affects of losing his son while confronting the person who he blamed for his death. Jean was seeking to fill the void left behind from her
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