What Does It Take? An Unjust Law?

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What does it take to change an unjust law? There are plenty of times where a law that has been imposed on society is less than just, or set up by those with a specific agenda to hinder a certain group of people. When confronted with an unjust law, there is only one real means of protest that is effective: To do whatever it takes in other words “any mean necessary.” Therefore, I believe that Malcolm’s X’s theory is the most appropriate and effective mean because it requires a greater and more focused response than other means. It allows a group of individuals to become noticed, and their demands will no longer be ignored. This makes the people deal with the issue immediately then ignore it. Martin Luther King Jr as well as Socrates, both believed that persuasion and non-violence were the best means to change unjust laws. Despite the fact that these protestors were not breaking any laws, they were still persecuted unjustly. Corruption may have been one factor that did not allow the non-violent protest to succeed, because there may be some groups that did not agree with the changes being demanded and they could have easily have swept this under the rug and no one would know why no action had been taken. Persuasion only works in an environment where change is accepted, and logic is the controlling factor behind laws. Persuasion does not work when you need to reach a large audience because some individuals cannot be persuaded. When there is no justice, no logic, and no peace to…
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