What Does It Take To End Racism?

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Martin Luther King is an amazing person. He stopped slavery and segregation. He fought for people to treat white and black people equally. He made protests and stayed up for hours on the streets protesting. Many people adore him and praise him. He is idle for many people, including some of the people I know. That's why I'm going to write my report about slavery. Some people want to honor him and I want everybody to know that he’s the reason we get to walk in the streets and not be judged. Also, as Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. showed us in his life’s work to end racism, we can act to bring people of all races together as we peacefully demonstrate a love for humanity. Three actions we can take to end the violence racism are love, peace and nonviolence.

There’s a lot of people who hate racism. People know this because people went to protest to end racism. Although some people still want black people to be shamed. Most of the people want black people to be accepted into society. Some people think that white people are better than black people think that
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Some people's opinion is that parents and kids of all races should get to live in America. So, the kids could live with their parents and they could get a good education. People think that kids deserve to live with their parents and get a good education. Some people think that they're so lucky to be able to live with my family, be able to get a good education and not be judged in school or in the community. Although, Anti Racism has been a strong force in history for many years {}.

In Conclusion, there are many different people who want different things, but in some people's opinion, people just need to accept themselves and other for the colors of their skin. Also, that people just need to love and respect each other without being
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