What Does Leadership Coaching Mean?

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The above quote speaks volumes about a popular method in the business world: Leadership Coaching. In the US, corporations spent nearly $14 billion on coaching and the practice is widely used across the globe. So, what does leadership coaching mean? In this guide, we’ll explore the essence of leadership coaching, what is looks like in practice and the benefits it can have to individuals, but also organisations. Furthermore, we’ll also examine how the process can boost your career development and whether you can advance your career by enrolling in these programs. Finally, we’ll give you tips on making the most out of your experience, if you participate in leadership coaching.

1 What is leadership coaching?

What does leadership coaching mean? To understand it, you should first examine the two separate concepts of coaching and leadership.

The definition of coaching

Coaching is a term that’s widely used, with its meaning always depending on the situation it’s being used. In the Oxford Dictionary, the verb ‘to coach’ is provided with the following definitions:

• Train or instruct (a team or player)
• Give (someone) extra teaching
• Teach (a subject or sport) as a coach
• Give (someone) instructions as to what to do or say in a particular situation
• Give (someone) professional advice on how to attain their goals

The process is about one person helping others to improve, develop, achieve, and learn something. It can be about obtaining a new skill or enhancing existing…

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