What Does Leadership Mean?

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“In leadership literature, more than 100 different definitions of leadership have been identified” (Rost, 1991). Through these hundred ways, we all interpret leadership differently. Before this course, when someone asked, “What does leadership mean to you?” The answer was simple. Prior to taking this course all leadership meant was being in charge. Under the teachings of this course I have gained a new interpretation of leadership, and an overall sense of what being a leader means. In this course we took the StrengthFinder assessment. When taking the assessment, I really thought about the way I am and began understanding the asked questions. I realized that I now understand how to improve situations, and I have become more well rounded in understanding the differences in individuals and their ideas. After realizing this, I continued taking my test; the results, amazingly, coincided with what I had just noticed. When hearing about the StrengthFinder test I did not believe there was any possible way one test could be accurate in telling me what my strengths are. Reading my results seemed like they had nothing to do with me—even up to the point of reviewing my results. I was coming to better understand what the results meant, and I noticed that they were me—that they defined me in every way they possibly could. They were relevant and accurate in every way that I define myself. Consistency, for those whom all deserve to have an equal slate in the beginning and be treated equal.
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