What Does Mestizaje Play? Latin America And The United States? Essay

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Many historians, educators and philosophers have tried to understand and research what the term “mestizaje” truly means. When you research the term you will see thousands of different journals and articles come up, because there is not a one, true definition and understanding of mestizaje. A basic idea however of the term is the mixture and culture blend of ancestries. In English the term is miscegenation which is defined as the interbreeding of people considered to be of different racial types. Throughout history in every part of the world we see mestizaje and the controversy and benefits that come with it. Although some people might view this cultural blend in a negative connotation no one can deny the influences to society in the past and the present that has taken place, and what is its importance in Latin America and in the United States. To fully understand the term, one must first pay attention to three central ideas. To start off you must first simply define the word mestizaje, and understand how mestizaje plays a role in Latin American societies by blending and dividing cultures. By defining this principal one may then illustrate how these cultural differences translate to racial differences in the United States. Furthermore, I will be able to explicate personal experiences on how the University of Alabama addresses some of the principles of mestizaje and how it has affected my life in general. Mestizaje is a term that can be defined in many ways through literature,

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