What Does Mind When Someone Asked You About Yourself?

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What comes to mind when someone asked you about yourself? Do you give a simple “I’m a Student at such and such” or “I go shopping on my spare time” But what about the deeper meaning about it? How would you react if someone asked deeper questions that would never come pass your mind on any given day? Will you be willing to go that extra mile to dig deep within to talk about yourself? Who knows maybe you’ll find a common interest once things are all said and done. Maybe you’ll come out in the end knowing more about yourself which may surprise you. Who am I? I’m Kayla Battle and I’m an African American woman. I’m have cocoa brown skin which is a different shade of that of my family members. But as you pulled the viewfinder back, you’ll see a mixture, that of Indian and other races. Growing up within my family it was set in stone that you had to be Christian, since Christianity is big within my community, it was set in stone, that I too was to become Christian. And because you were a Christian, you were supposed to handle yourself a certain way. That you were supposed to dress one way and talk another. But it was a step back of how I saw other African Americans and Christian’s outside the church walls. Seeing that, it was hard to figure out which was the right or wrong way to being a person of God. Having to listen a certain type of music, and what wasn’t Gospel, was told to be the devils music. In David Newman’s book, he writes “Religion occupies a complex place in
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