What Does My Grandpa Mean To You Essay

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Soldiers Of Our Country

There has been many fights in history that took place for America. Many of those wars we have won. Many of those soldiers have died. Our American soldiers were so strong, loyal, and brave just for this country. These solders influence me every day and make me be brave in the small things I do. My grandpa was in Vietnam. If he wouldn't have been brave, he wouldn't be here today. He even got hit by a bomb, and through god he survived. These soldiers inspire me everyday.

The holocaust

The holocaust was a very sad time for many people, not just Jews. Hitler believed that Jews were animals,not humans. So he treated them like animals. To make sure they knew that, he made them sleep on wooden beds and drink dirt soup with bread. The bread was made out of sawdust. So many innocent people were being killed for show, hunger, and other viruses that spread around the camps. Reading books about it make me want to cry every time. America and some other countries stood up and brought down the Nazis. They were so brave to stand up to such a big group. We and others changed the life's of many Jews. I am thankful it was stopped

MY Grandpa
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He fought in Vietnam. He doesn't really like to talk about it because so many of soldiers died. I only know a few bits and peaces. I understand how painful it is to relive the memory. A man behind him had been hit by a bomb and he had got hit too. He could have died. God helped him live. They poisoned the air around them to make the american soldiers sick. That is why he has some problems wrong with him today. But he is still healthy. They locked my grandpa and other soldiers in a building so they couldn't get out and had to fight. It was very terrifying for him. He said he would have some friends and the next day the just disappeared. He tried to help others as much as he could. Once he joined the military, he couldn't get out. That was the rules back then. He was very
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