What Does New Zealanders Spend Their Time At Sport And Leisure?

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Complicating the Relationship Between Sport, Culture and Identity Sport is considered a heritage of British colonization in New Zealand. Although New Zealand is a country with a small population; it has had a lot of success in sport. New Zealanders have acquired numerous awards in various international competitions. An increasing number of people believe that sport is integral to recognize the culture and national identity of New Zealand. The All Blacks (rugby) and the Silver Ferns (netball) have become New Zealanders’ icons after they have been successful in international competition. I will discuss the complicated relationship between sport, and national identity. I will then refer sport to culture. Thirdly, I will describe how New Zealanders spend their time at sport and leisure. And the last I will reveal the negative of sport. The first point I would like to reflect on is that of the link between sport and national identity. New Zealand has been defined as a sport orientated country. Phillips (2013) notes that sport making solidarity among New Zealanders and pride in their country. He says sport is a significant form of expressing nationalistic feelings for New Zealanders (Phillips, 2013). A thirteen year-old boy--Joe Scott opened the door of nationalism of a long distance walking to New Zealand people, but the All Blacks approaches the climax of national identity (Phillips, 2013). The All Blacks has been mentioned several times in various articles as examples of

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