What Does Ontological Position Influence Mixed Methods Research?

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The main purpose of this paper is to reflect upon a methodological approach towards in what extent does ontological position influence mixed methods research which involves both collecting and analyzing the combination of quantitative and qualitative data. This reflection will begin with defining the ontological position, then why this approach influence mixed method research and followed by a conclusion.
Defining ontological position
The term ontology is derived from the Greek word, with “onto” meaning “being”, and “logos” usually interpreted as “science”; so that ontology, as customarily understood, is the science or study of being (Lawson, 2004). Also, ontology is a branch of metaphysics concerned with the nature and relations of
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Referring to the term ‘Method’ for gathering and analyzing data such as survey research or regression analysis on the quantitative side and metaphor analysis on the qualitative or interpretive sides (Hatch and Yanow, 2008). Guba (1990) refers to ontology as the nature of the ‘knowable’ or the nature of ‘reality’. Thus, an assumption of an ontological kind concern is that the very nature of social entities being investigated (Dieronitou, 2014).
Besides that, I also figured out that epistemology is firmly grounded in the ontological belief that the actions of human subjects is noticeable of a methodical and ruled by administered of the external reality. Therefore, there is a theoretical view that human behaviors and actions are principally determined by stimuli which are not of their own making according to scholar Bracken, 2010. Therefore, there is an understanding that a research methodology used by researchers which makes them produces differing sets of data and to emphasize upon outcomes in contradictory ways by depending upon on ontological and epistemological positioning. Hence, this paper will focus on the ontological position of mixed methods methodology.
Using mix method why ontological influence this approach
The argument of this paper is that ever since almost all researchers, whether they give credit to the positivist, constructivist or pragmatic tradition, implemented the conventional term ‘paradigm’ to suggest a fresh
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