What Does Open Carry On Campus Ground Mean?

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Every student should feel safe when stepping foot on campus, but allowing concealed handguns on campus grounds brings forth fear and doubt. A new Texas state law allows license holders to have concealed handguns in college buildings and classrooms. I firmly believe in the second amendment, which provides the right to bear arms: this means that everyone has the right to protect their selves, families, and land. However, I stand completely against the new state law (which moves into effect in Aug. of 2016) that is allowing license-carrying gun holders to carry their weapons to and from classes in universities. With this ruling moving closer into effect, many faculty members and college students are now realizing the dangers that this will bring forth. This bill was passed to help protect and defend students from possible school shooters, but in reality, it only jeopardizes the safety and trust of many students and faculty members. What does open carry on campus ground mean? Many people on the non-opposing side assume that this is a wonderful idea, because more guns in the classroom means a better defense against possible gunmen coming into the school. When creating a realistic scenario of a school shooting, you must consider that both the gunman and the “defender,” or license carrier, have guns held in the air. The biggest issue that comes to mind is, how are the first responders supposed to differentiate the two? This only creates more confusion for police officers, and
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