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Love can be defined as a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person. In Othello by William Shakespeare, the title character has strong feelings towards Desdemona but does not truly love her. From the start it is merely infatuation he feels. Othello also had a lack of trust towards his wife. In the end, all he feels is a burning hatred for her and is willing to murder her.

Othello prefers to have others observe his wife rather than confronting her himself. If he loves Desdemona he would try to correct the situation. They married one another without arrangement and his choices propose that he regrets it. Othello ends up being blindsided by the green eyed monster that causes him to push any attraction to Desdemona away. He asks himself,
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Othello is quick to believe she is having an affair with Cassio and does not believe her when she attempts to explain herself. He tries to prove her guilty of infidelity rather than her innocent of it. It appears that he is searching for something to be wrong when there is no apparent problem. His distrust is presented when he says, “If that the earth could teem with woman’s tears/ Each drop she falls would prove a crocodile” (4.1.233-234). It exemplifies his belief of her being deceitful and his absence of love towards her found in his words. This is also demonstrated in his comment, “Some of your function, mistress/ Leave procreants alone and shut the door” (4.2.27-28). Othello implies that his wife is like a prostitute that cheats behind closed doors. His remarks are not those of someone in love.
Ultimately, there are no signs of Othello loving his wife at the end of the play. He belittles Desdemona, the women he is supposed to love, without a care as to what it does to her. During conversations he is visibly irritated by his wife’s presence along with just thoughts of her. Othello soon states, “I am abused, and my relief/ Must be to loathe her” (3.3.167-168). He puts no effort into calming himself down and this leads to him hitting Desdemona in front of their friends. Othello willing chooses to hate her without probable cause. His task would not be done simply illustrating
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