What Does Personality Predict Employee Performance?

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To What Extent does personality predict employee performance? Explaining some of the extents personality has on employee performance is an important part in human resource management. This is because it helps to understand different types of people and how they will perform in industry. This also allows us to explore personality types with regards to performance and the different types of performance that each personality depicts. This essay will show a breakdown of a few different personality types and the implications on how they would affect the performance when in a business as an employee. There are many types of personality no two people have exactly the same. The nomothetic approach assumes that personality is inherited and that environmental factors have little effect. (Buchanan & Huczynski, (2013) pp.191). Idiographic approach, which contrasts sharply in perspective and implication (Buchanan & Huczynski, (2013) pp. 201). Nomothetic and ideographic are the complete contrast of each other one being genetic and the other being social. The two theories portray complete contradictions of each other. Agreeableness seems to be most relevant to job performance in situations in which joint action and collaboration are needed (Mount, Barrick & Stewart (1998) pp.147) this personality trait can be useful to avoid confrontations at work when working on a project with others. On the other hand agreeableness may refrain from someone expressing their own ideas and plans.
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