What Does Poetry Mean You?

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What does poetry mean to you?. We all have our own definition of poetry because its either we have experienced it or we are feeling the way that the writer was feeling when they wrote the poem. In this time trouble and hardship, Poetry was the only form of literature that captures moments that was very meaningful to the writer and reader who was not there to experience what had happen during the Holocaust.
When we think of the Holocaust words can’t described how tremendously it had an impact on the entire world, so poetry was the only way writers could be able to shared and talked about their experienced with the rest of the world. Many of these people lived with the fear of hopelessness and misery. Through its personification, imagery and symbolism, W.H.Auden’s poem “Refugee Blues”, describes how hard someone’s life can be without freedom as a refugee living in their country. W.H. Auden poem “Refugee Blues” shows how a person of their own country was forced to become a refugee because of the power of others over them. The Jews because a refugee in their own country trying to seek help to get out of the harsh life that they’re now living all because of their freedom and power was stripped from them. With the formal element of imagery, the writer was able to create vivid images for his reader to understand gained knowledge of what life was like as a refugee. According stanza 1, “some are living in mansions, some are living in holes; yet there’s no place for us, my dear,…
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